Our Services
  • Create a sense of oneself, and connection with one another and to establish professional relationships.
  • Provide educational opportunities for members and others to help develop their skills and empowers them to achieve personal and professional goals.
  • Raise funds and awareness for contribution of Africans by initiating specific and meaningful projects that will add quality of care to the population we serve.
  • Act as mentors to support new and inexperienced employees of the agency by taking personal interest in their learning and progress while on duty with them.
  • Partner those with ambition to seek higher levels of leadership in the agency with administrators willing to help in their quest.
  • Assist those African communities that cannot afford health care in the rural areas
  • Give scholarships to healthcare workers of African origin to promote health related educational fields.
  • Retain the services of an attorney as legal aid protecting members in the healthcare work force; and related social events.