Welcome To Unified African Healthcare Workers Association!
Vision Statement 
Unification of all Healthcare Workers of African origin for a common good.
Mission statement
To foster love, unity, cooperation, respect, and goodwill among all healthcare workers of African origin through educational, cultural philanthropic, and community activities.
i. To promote the unity at the workplace among all persons of African origin

ii. To collaborate with coworkers and the multidisciplinary team at the health care agency.
iii. To promote professional development and philanthropy

iv. To promote Personal empowerment opportunities, engagement through arts and cultural activities.

v. To network with members of the professional communities in providing educational in-services and health services to the disadvantaged in our communities.
                                             Message from our President 2018 
Jebbeh Sandi-McBean

 In 2017, we came together to unite and serve. To make progress we must stay together, and to be successful we must not only stay together, we must work together. Work denotes action which means active not passive participation in organizational events and affairs. The path of charity that we have chosen is the right path for our people and for ourselves, and as long as we continue to walk on that path, we will stumble upon success. For those of us in the diaspora, we have achieved much on many fronts; whether it’s through education, high paying jobs, or stable job and family lives. We therefore, cannot forget those who are less fortunate in our communities in the diaspora, and in Africa. We must include the needs of others in our daily plans, so that they too can be successful.

We officially launched Unified African Healthcare Workers’ Association in April 2017 with the primary purpose of uniting all healthcare workers of African origin in the diaspora, so that we can work together to meet the needs of our communities in the United States, and Africa. The membership which started at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center(MEDVAMC), has grown to 42 paid members. In a short period of time, we became active members on the Houston Charity scene, participating in feeding the hungry in Houston, post Hurricane Harvey. We even took our first mission trip to Africa in 2017. We have become regular volunteers at the Houston Food Bank, and have displayed great comradeship and teamwork during these events.

We look forward to more teamwork, and more involvement in our communities here in the USA, and in Africa. I am so proud of the commitment you have made to work with one another, and to participate in activities that are central to the success of UAHWA. In spite of your busy schedules and personal lives, you have dedicated ourselves to an unselfish cause: caring for others who are less fortunate in our communities. I look forward to welcoming more new members who will be leaders in 2018, and beyond. There is no greater achievement in life than to labor on behalf of others. Our legacy on this earth is not what we accomplished in terms of material gain, but the lives we touched while we had the gift of life.

So as we welcome our fellow healthcare workers of African origin in and around Texas, and especially in Houston, let us keep focus on our commitment to help our communities by making sacrifices of time, and resources to achieve our goals for 2018.

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