About Us
Unified African Healthcare Workers Association (UAHWA) was incorporated nonprofit organization on April 1, 2017 as a grass root organization for the unity, development and progress of all healthcare workers of African origin.

  • We promote activities to unify the African Healthcare Workers in the Greater Houston area workforce and extend to other States Health care Systems in the nearest future.
  • We facilitate programs for the social, economic, personal and professional growth of its members
  • We collaborate with other professional healthcare organizations to meet our common goals
  • We plan and implement projects that benefit the African Communities both in the United States and the African Continent.
  • We encourage members to participate in local healthcare community activities both in the United States and Africa.
  • We work with other African organizations on useful common goals.
  • We plan for healthcare related trips to the African continent to provide care for those that cannot afford healthcare costs in affiliated rural clinics.